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Combine bromo ijen sukamade tour 4d3n packages

 Combine bromo ijen and sukamade tour 4d3n tour package is About "bromo ijen sukamade tour" from surabaya this tour it takes 4d/3n if we do it continuesly, if do it separately will take 5 days and 4 nights 

This bromo ijen sukamade tour is base on 2 tour packages 🆗

  • Surabaya bromo ijen tour 3d/2n
  • Sukamade turtle adventure 2d/1n (**we called 2days cause back from this tour around 3pm next day in a ketapang harbour banyuwangi )

And here is the detail itinerary for 4d/3n :

first day

  • we will pick you up from airport/terminal/hotel in surabaya area
  • drive to bromo aprox;3-4 hours drive
  • check in hotel (**cemara indah hotel/rahayu/Yog Bromo) **depen on availabilty
  • stay overnight

second day

  • arround 2:30am we start to drive by jeep to penanjakan view point
  • enjoy the sunrise spot
  • drive to to the crater
  • start hike for 30 minutes to the crater 
  • enjoy bromo crater trekking
  • back to hotel 
  • breakfast
  • prepared and drive to banyuwangi (aprox;6-7 hours drive)
  • check in hotel (**grand harvest/sahid osing/osingvacation) **depen on availabilty
  • stay overnight

Third day

  • at12:30 start to drive to ijen area
  • hiking for 1,5 hours to see blue fire and sunrise
  • back to parking
  • drive back stop by waterfall or coffe plantation **if you are not tire
  • back to hotel breakfast
  • check out at 11am
  • drive to rajegwesi
  • change the car to jeep
  • do adventure off road
  • check in guesthouse
  • dinner
  • observe big turtle lay their eggs
  • back to guesthouse
  • stay overnight

Fourth day

  • at 6am wake up 
  • realease the baby turtle to the sea
  • back to drive to rajegwesi (stop over the famous "green bay/teluk ijo" to swim) optional
  • drive back to banyuwangi harbour and the tour finish here

We are not put detail time on schedule cause this tour is PRIVATE mean all schedule is flexible and depend on your time,whatevr you decided

so you and your family can decide anytime you want to go or anytime to comeback from the spot we visit, we try to maximize your holiday time

Combine bromo ijen sukamade tour 4d3n packages

Talking about price is not wise if you are not know what you pay right? 

Here is what included in the price:

  1. Private transport during the tour
    • petrol
    • driver
    • parking/toll fees
  2. 1 night hotel in bromo area
  3. breakfast everyday
  4. bromo entrance
  5. jeep transport in bromo
  6. private guide ijen and bromo
  7. 1 night in banyuwangi/ijen area
  8. Ijen excursion
    • guide
    • entrance fees
    • gas mask
    • transport
  9. sukamade excursion
    1. all entrance fees
    2. jeep transport
    3. 1 night accomodation
    4. guide
    5. ranger
    6. donation
    7. dinner
    8. breakfast

Detail Price:

  • if you are 2 people it cost US$315/person
  • if you are 3-4 people it cost US$269/person
  • if you are 5-6 people it cost US$250/person

That price Mean more people more cheap and also No hidden charge 

sukamade big turle

Hope that can explain a bit about the schedule during 4d/3n combined tour in east java 

if you have any question simply push this  or you can contact us here

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