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Sukamade (turtle beach)

Sukamade turtle beach that we called this beach, To reach this beach is full of a struggle because of Sukamade areas known to have a very extreme Jungle track with a landscape that is still very exotic. this beach is one of diamond triangle Banyuwangi Sukamade Adventure to sukamade conservation.

sukamade turtle beach adventure

      Located about 97 km to the southwest of Banyuwangi, Sarongan Village, District Pesanggaran Banyuwangi. The atmosphere is calm, natural tropical forests Coastal Sukamade become a favorite place for turtles landing and nesting, this place is also known as the Palace of turtles of all species of sea turtles because 4 of 6 species of sea turtles around the world landed at this place, there 4 species of sea turtles that can be encountered from 6 turtles that are in Indonesia, namely: Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas), turtle Slengkrah (Lepidochelys Malvaceae), Hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbricata) and the leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriaceae). Turtles often landed on this beach is the green turtle.


The number of turtles landing and nesting, make Sukamade beah as breeding places of turtle eggs and release it back into their habitat after the hatchlings - hatchlings hatch ready to be released. besides tourists can also feel the  Release  hatchlings and record it. to be able to watch the turtles lay their eggs directly tourists can wait for the evening with the help of a guide .about 19.30 will guide us find females which landed to lay eggs in one nesting turtle - This turtle eggs will issue up to hundreds and returned to the sea at 24.00 hours, turtle females will often be landed on this beach in November to March.

Ekstrem of the road, travelers are advised to use a double-axle vehicle (4x4) or another similar vehicle off-road. along the journey we will be presented with a diverse landscape ranging from rice fields, rubber plantations up a muddy path with steep rocks will make our adrenaline peaked. no fewer the fun is we are invited into the air off-road mud and the deep river will provide an experience that will not be forgotten


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